Landscape Supplies

The Materials You Need

Whether you’re a homeowner who is looking to make some upgrades and changes or you’re a professional landscaper, chances are you’ll need some good materials. At M & J Paving & Services, we have a large selection of materials that you need for your next landscaping project. Our premium choices of mulch, topsoil, and decorative stone mean you’ll always be satisfied. Call us today and ask us about our delivery options!

Our Supplies

We have all the unique landscaping supplies you need for your next project. If you need them delivered right to the property, we can work something out. Call M & J Paving & Services today for more information! 



  • Cracker dust
  • Yellow sand
  • Bales of straw
  • Edging & pavers
  • Premium screen topsoil with compost
  • Regular topsoil
  • 100% all-natural organic black mulch
  • Organic brown mulch
  • Mushroom mulch
  • Maryland shore stone
  • River stone
  • Crushed red brick
  • Red landscape stone
  • Lava rock
  • 1 B washed limestone
  • 2 B washed limestone
  • 2 A limestone


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